Wednesday, 14 March 2012

SOTW: Garnier Skin Naturals PureActive Exfo-Brusher Wash

Phew! That's a long title! Today I've chosen the Exfo-Brusher Wash by Garnier as my 'Something of the Week' because I can't wait to tell you how great it is!

Here is the actual product. It's hard to see in the picture but there are small, white bristles at the top (above the arrow) which are described as 'flexible micro-bristles' with an 'ultra-soft touch' and they are! I was expecting the bristles to be quite abrasive (due to the 'exfoliating' qualities of the product) but they are really soft and gentle when you use it.

What amazed me most though was that although I had bought the product on Tuesday afternoon (and used it straight after I got home - I was that excited!), I have already seen noticable results! The product is supposed to:

- Help clear blackheads
- Visibly reduce shine
- Help fade marks left by imperfections

I can safely say that two out of the three aims have already been ticked off the list and it's only Day 1! Obviously, I'm going to have to wait for the marks to face - that doesn't just happen over night. But I really have noticed considerably less shine which is strange for me in the warmer months :).

Honestly, if you've ever had skin problems, like me, go out and buy this exfoliator wash. I don't think you'll regret it and there's a £3 off deal in Superdrug (a British drugstore) at the moment so grab the chance! I can't rave about it enough!!

I will update this post next week and see if it's still working but in the mean time, I'll see you tomorrow!!

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