Thursday, 16 February 2012

Dupes for Jeffrey Campbell Litas

I've finally found a much more affordable version of Jeffrey Campbell's famous Litas! They're about a third of the price from which is a fantastic deal! Before posting this, I was deliberating whether or not to actually write about them because I figured, at £35.00 a go, they wouldn't be either as comfortable or look as good as geniune Litas. I would absolutely love to try these out for you and see if they match these expectations and it would be a great little experiment to see if you can actually get quality shoes for such a low price but we'll just have to make do with the comments which all give them 5 stars! They also say they are extremely comfortable and easy to walk in, and the same can be said for genuine Litas. The price does swing me towards the BooHoo version (although I still adore the Jeffrey Campbell ones!!).

But enough of writing, now let's get to the shoes...

Lydia Leopard Print Lace Up Platform Boots - Boohoo £35.00

Olivia Tan Leather Look Platform Shoe Boots - Boohoo £35.00

Paloma Black Patent Lace Up Platform Shoe Boots - Boohoo £35.00

As you can see, they look a lot like the real thing. There isn't much choice at the moment but these styles do cover the basics. I only wish there was a black leather one as well...

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