Friday, 10 February 2012

Friday Shoes

Tomorrow will be the first day of the half term holidays so hopefully I'll be able to do some more interesting posts for you over the next week. BUT the memory card from my camera broke a few weeks ago so I can't take any photos just yet (which sucks!) so I'll have to find another way of posting pictures. So, today's post will be a quick Friday Shoes post...

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike Platform Boot - Nasty Gal £118.77

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Metallic Splatter Platform Boot - Nasty Gal £102.34

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Bejeweled Platform Boot - Nasty Gal £110.55

Jeffrey Campbell is going to end up getting a lot of money from me because I've decided I'm going to buy every single one of his Lita's... Most of them... At least some of them... Because even though they are very expensive, they are some of the prettiest shoes I've ever seen (not to mention all the reviews that say they are the comfiest too).

I've already started saving towards my first pair! Ten pounds is in the kitty :)

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