Wednesday, 23 November 2011


I promised you some pictures of my new earrings and here they are! I had to take them really quickly so sorry for the bad quality. I can't wait to wear them, but unfortunately I have to wait 6 weeks until I can take out the ones I have on now :(

This is the first pair. I got all the earrings from New Look for about £3.50 each (but I threw the packaging away so I can't check, sorry!)
This is my favourite pair. There is a really big gold tarnished leaf on each earring and then on one there is a maroon coloured feather.

The jewelled bit is really pretty in real life and is orange in colour.

This is them with the flash. They are all hanging on my accessories stand so that's why there's a wierd kind of doll thing in all the pictures.

This is a pack of five pairs of earrings including owls, pearls, reindeer, orange jewels (again) and silver jewels. These ones didn't even cost more than the dangly ones, which is great value!

My second favourite pair. I've been so looking forward to wearing dangly earrings! These ones also have a large gold leaf but instead of a feather, they have chains with purple beads and gold discs. I really like these ones and I think I'm going to try and find a purple dress to match for a Christmas party!

I hope you enjoyed my 'haul!' See you all soon and don't forget to follow me if you like my posts!

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