Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sweet Seventeen

Finally I'm 17... It's feels so wierd to be one year closer to becoming a (proper) adult but I'm so excited about what the future holds for me. I'm in the process of writing my own Life List (I mentioned these in this post) and will hopefully be putting it online soon. But 'soon' in my books can sometimes mean 'years' so don't be expecting it within the next few days!

Anyway, I've had a great birthday weekend. On Saturday, there was a Christmas fair at my school so I went along to that. You probably won't get my obsession with these fairs (I go every year) but if I outline my 'winnings' then you might understand a little better.
  • 7 jam jars filled with sweets
  • A massive tub of Thornton's chocolate
  • 3 advent calendars
  • 2 Pandora bracelets (that turned out not to be Pandora bracelets and one broke as soon as I got it home)
Then  I was told I was going to get a surprise birthday present but I couldn't for the life of me work it out! And it was doubly difficult with these sorts of clues:
"It won't take very long and we're going somewhere afterwards to get things for it." - My mum
 It's like a cryptic code.
So it was a complete surprise for me to find out I was getting my ears pierced. I had it done (which didn't take very long) and then we went shopping afterwards (to get some earrings - and clothes!)

I got some 2 sets of dangly earrings and one 5-pack of studs, a winter jumper (sweater) and a dress for school. Hopefully I will be able to show you some pictures of these items soon!

Then it was my birthday on Sunday (today). I went to Pizza Express with my friends (originally Pizza Hut but that was changed once I realised there was no cinema anywhere near a Pizza Hut) and then to the cinema to watch Tower Heist. The film was good but the only funny parts were when Eddie Murphy was doing his lines. Then I came home and had a lovely slice of red velvet cake that my mum made.

This is not the cake my mum made! This image is curtosy of Google Images if you search for 'red velvet cake.' You should do it, your mouth will water. Then search for 'french toast.' Sit back and enjoy.

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