Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Wednesday Lust Haves

Hey everyone!

My birthday is coming up (20th November!) so I've decided to post my Ultimate Birthday Wishlist. I'm not planning on getting the things on this list any time soon, in fact I haven't even asked for any of them. -That's a bit counter-productive, I know! So without firther ado, here is my Ultimate Birthday Wishlist. Enjoy!

Black Jeffrey Campbell Lita's - $159.95
Every girl should own a pair of JC Litas so I've included this black pair because they'll go with everything.

Black JC Night Walk Platforms - £106.54
The heels on these are amazing! 'Nuff said...

Black (again!) JC (again!) Sgt Pepper Boots - £123.54
I love the detailing and the shape of these. And they're not too high! I think I've got an obssession with Jeffrey Campbell shoes at the moment...

Champagne Open Shoulder Dress - £30.08
Strange price, eh? But I really like the colour and cut of this dress. It look casual but not too casual, if you know what I mean :)

Henar from ohmyvogue's hair
What I wouldn't give for this hair... It's so beautiful :')

Vixen Velvet Booties - £36.35
They're bright red and I love them. They would really stand out on any outfit!

White Santa Fe
A bit random, but hey, I'm gonna be able to learn to drive when I'm seventeen so I'll need a car!

 That's everything... I hope you enjoyed it :) So...

what would be your Ultimate Birthday Wishlist?

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