Saturday, 12 November 2011

SOTW: Chocolate!

Last week I went to the Lake District on a family holiday. We spent a week in Far Sawrey in a tiny little cottage surrounded by fields. Although I don't want to admit it to myself (or anyone else), I did enjoy the piece and quiet of being in the countryside. While we were there, we visited Keswick, and anyone who has been there knows there's a massive chocolate shop. And my mum gave me £10 to spend. How could I turn down an opportunity like that?! So I'm going to do a little chocolate haul because I think these chocolates were the highlight of my week... Sad, I know, but seriously, if you ever get the opportunity to get some, get some! I hope you enjoy my chocolate 'haul!'

The shop was called Ye Olde Friars and the chocolates came in little bag like this

There were loads to choose from, but they were priced by weight so I chose these ones. You can find them all on the website here
From top-bottom L-R:
Dark Chocolate Licqueur Cherries
Crème Brûlée Pyramid
Spiced Cranberry Chocolate (but the inside tastes like gingerbread!)
2x Dark Chocolate Ginger
Mousse au Chocolat
Baileys Irish Cream Truffle
White Chocolate Vanilla Truffle
Raspberry Flavour Crystallised Fondant
Dark Chocolate Coffee Cream

Artistic side view :)

This is my favourite one. Apart from the amazing red colour on the shell, the truffle inside tastes exactly like Christmas! (or at least it tastes like ginger and all the Christmas spices)

These pictures are of my 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th favourite chocolates. I didn't really think I would like the first one (coffee cream) but when I tasted it, it was delicious! (I recommend that one!) The next one is just a bog-standard truffle, but really, really nice :) The third one is a chocolate mousse and I really loved the texture of the mousse. And finally, the Crème Brûlée Pyramid. I was really looking forward to trying this one because it's so unusual but I was slightly disappointed because it isn't very easy to eat. But it tastes great!

The photo is of the cherry chocolate one. I've had these types of chocolates before but I didn't know this one had liqueur in it so I had to quickly hold it and take a photo like that before all the contents dribbled out the side, so excuse the messy nail varnish! But apart from the messiness and the stone in the cherry, this one tasted fantastic.

I hope you enjoyed my mini 'haul'

Have you ever been to Ye Olde Friars? If so, what did you get? If you haven't, why would you love to get?

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