Wednesday, 30 November 2011

10 things I love about Christmas

To get you guys into the spirit of Christmas, I thought I would write a list of the 10 things I love about the Christmas season. One of my friends recently bought a Christmas songs album and it's got us all in the mood for Christmas! I hope my list makes you as excited as I am!

10 Cold Weather

Cold weather means I can wear snuggle jumpes and cosy socks without looking like an overdressed muppet.

9 Leaves

I love jumping in piles of fallen leaves (yes, I still do that!) There's something about the 'crunch' ...

8 Fires!

When it's winter, we always have the fire burning in the living room. I love snuggling up with my cats in front of a cosy fire :)

7 Buying presents!

One of my favourite things about Christmas is buying people presents of things they actually want and watching them open it and look genuinely happy! The worst thing is to get/give a present that you don't actually want but you have to keep anyway.

6 Christmas parties

At my school there's always a Christmas Dinner when everyone in the school sits down in the dining hall and pulls crackers, eats turkey, stuffing and mince pies and dresses up. It's usually a really great night and this year, my year is going to have Christmas themed party at a local 'club'. So looking forward to that! (Don't worry - we're not all dressing up as Santas!)

5 Christmas Breakfast

Everyone always says they love having a massive dinner on Christmas day, but for me it's just like a Sunday Roast but bigger. I enjoy Christmas breakfast much more because my mum wraps up little presents for all four of us so we can open them first. Then we all sit down and eat breakfast together (which we don't normally do because everyone gets up at different times).

4 Decorating (the tree and the house!)

Putting up the Christmas tree is a really special part of Christmas for me. We have all these (paper) ornaments that me and my sister made years ago and we spend ages putting tinsel on it and making paper chains!

3 Snow

Obviously snow is high on my list. I could just sit for hours looking out of my bedroom window at the trees and roof tops with snow covering them. And I love snowball fights, building snowmen and sledging.

2 Presents!

Well, everyone loves presents! I would have put this at the number 1 spot but for some reason the thing I love most about Christmas is....

1 Christmas songs!

They're so catchy and happy. They just make me smile and want to sing along. Haha, I sound like a right loon! But Christmassy songs just put me in a good mood. :) (My favourite is Last Christmas by Wham!) I'm so old...

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