Monday, 14 November 2011

Inspire Me Monday

Call me a geek if you want but I'm actually up at nearly midnight trying to finish a Chemistry essay for tomorrow. Called 'The Anomalous Properties of Water and Ice.' Sounds dead boring, doesn't it? :L But I've decided to have a break from non-stop Hydrogen bonds to tell you what has inspired me today.

As you may know, I'm 16 (soon to be 17!) and I still go to school (although now they call it College, but it's basically the same thing...) Anyway, we have to wear a uniform now and its the dreaded 'business wear.' Buut...some people have really put their own spin on the rules and have come up with some really great outfits. There's this one girl who wears the most amazing clothes every day and is short petite (sorry!) enough to wear really high heels with her outfits. And she recently dyed her hair a colour that I absolutely love so today, she is my inspiration. :) but I'm naming no names...

It's kind of like this colour (which is Casting Creme Gloss in Plum) but slightly darker

and this is the kind of jumpsuit she was wearing today. This one is from River Island and is £45.00

I hope you enjoyed my Inspire Me Monday
and I've noticed quite a few people from Russia have come across my blog so Привет to them :)

(I hope that's right! If it's not, blame Google translate!)

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