Thursday, 1 December 2011

Fur Coats

A trend I've started seeing around recently is (faux) fur coats. There are loads to choose from but it seems to me that they're all really expensive. I've picked out some less expensive faux fur coats for you to have a look at.

These first two are the same style but in two different colours: the first is 'petrol blue' and the second is 'magenta'
Coloured Faux Fur Jacket - New Look £44.99 £22.50

This one is my favourite. If you have a closer look, the material looks like it could be described as feathers (but it's called a 'Faux Fur Pink Coat')
New Look £49.99 £25.00

These are all great deals (over half price on some!) so if you want a faux fur coat to keep you warm on your way to a Christmas party, New Look is the place to visit. And all their party dresses are under £25.00 at the moment.

They also do great shoes!

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