Tuesday, 3 January 2012

5 Essential Shoes For Women

I've chosen five pairs of shoes that I think every women needs! They all make good basics for any woman's wardrobe. All the shoes I have chosen are black, but obviously you can choose any colour you like. Mine are just for guidlines :) Also, I know I've put 'Essential' in the title, but don't feel as though you have to go out and buy all these shoes! This is not a checklist!


Black Wedge Shoe Boot - New Look £24.99
These shoes can be worn with almost any outfit but I think they would go well with more casual outfits. Because they are wedges, they are easy (and comfortable) to walk in. The heel height is 12cm/4.75 inches.

Patent Detail Ballet Pump - New Look £17.99
For those of you who don't like to wear heels on a day to day basis or if you just feel like giving your poor feet a break, these plain black pumps are the perfect shoe for you! They are really easy to wear and are very inexpensive.

Chinese Laundry Patent Court - New Look £54.99
These shoes are the perfect height and style for work. They would go with most black suits or smart trousers because they are so versatile. You can even wear them on a night out! The heel height is 10cm/4 inches.

Chinese Laundry Lace Bow Platform - New Look £69.99 £49.00
These are my personal favourites. They are really girly and feminine and are the ideal pair of shoes to go out in. I think these are more suited to a party atmosphere as the stiletto heel is 12cm/4.75 inches and they are much sexier that the other shoes.

Strappy Platform Shoes - New Look £24.99
If the weather is hot but you still want to dress up, you can go for a pair of sandals with heels! The heel is quite tall at 5.2 inches, but they are very easy to walk in as the heel is fairly chunky and there is a strap.

So I think I've covered all my bases! What do you think of my choices? Would you wear any of them!?

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