Friday, 6 January 2012

Massive Haul and First Impressions Part 1 (Lush!)

HI everyone! Today me, my mum and my sister drove the long trek to Bluewater and we brought back loads of goodies I thought I would share with you all. First of all, I have to do a 'disclaimer'. :/.

I'm not trying to brag, I merely want to show you guys what we bought (mostly my mum) and tell you what I think of the products so you have some idea of what to expect. :)
I've decided to split the haul up into a couple of parts for a few reasons
1. So you don't get bored
2. It's quite a lot of stuff
3. and I want to give you my first impressions in as much detail as possible!

So, without further ado, let's get on with the haul!

Firstly, let me show you the bags...

It may not look like a lot but believe me, a lot is crammed into these bags!
Top Row - L-R
House of Fraser
John Lewis
Bottom Row - L-R
Mini House of Frazer bag

Let's start with the first bag, the big House of Frazer bag.

Actually, this is a bit deceiving because the products that are in this bag are actually from Lush! It's only been in the past few months that my family have really started getting into Lush. I mean, my sister said to me today that she only started liking Lush once she walked into the store in Bluewater! (I think that was mostly due to the really friendly lady who helped us out, she was lovely!). Basically, we went round the entire shop, sniffing everything, before we finally decided on a couple of things to take away. When I say a couple...

That's right! 4 bags, 2 wrapped soaps and 4 black pots. We got a bit overexcited, methinks...

So, the 4 bags contained...

A big dollop of...
Actually, it's Three Gold Rings which is sadyly not available any more. This was the last in stock! It's a bubble bar so all you have to do is crumble it under a running tap and bubbles appear! Don't use it all at once though, if you use smaller pieces, it lasts for longer.
I really like the scent of this. It smells fresh, but not like soap. It is a more sweet scent than anything else. I don't know what indgredients are in it though because it doesn't have a sticker and it's not available on the website at the moment, sorry!

Sorry this is such a bad picture! If I took it with a flash, you couldn't see the detail of the shampoo. Yes, this is a shampoo. For people who haven't been to Lush before, this might seem like quite a strange concept to you, but if you're curious I urge you to try it out. At least once! :)
This is Soak and Float. It's a shampoo designed to stop your scalp from itching and prevent dandruff and according to the reviews, it really works! We haven't tried it yet, but I'm going to do a review on all these products for you. This post is just about my first impressions.
So, first impressions about this soap. Basically it's like marmite: you either love it or you hate it. In the comments on the Lush website, people have compared it to 'a church on fire' but the only reason my mum bought it was because she loved the smell so much! To me, it smells like bonfires and burning wood, which has probably put me off using it for a bit. I might wait until my mum uses it before I put it anywhere near my hair! Personally, the smell is a bit too strong and would give me a headache if I had to smell it for too long, but you guys might like it! If you have a Lush nearby definitely go and give it a sniff. You won't forget it in a hurry! 

Thirdly is another shampoo. I don't actually have a picture of it but it looks very similar to the shampoo above, just purple and without the 'bits'. It's called Jumping Juniper and is the reason why we went to Lush in the first place! We ended up buying a lot more than expected! This is my mum's shampoo so we have to make special trips to Lush just to repurchase her shampoo! I don't even know what's so special about it... It basically just smells like soap (maybe with a little bit of parma violets thrown in) but it's not my favourite scent in the world. Apparently it's supposed to smell of rosemary and lavendar but I don't get any of that... Maybe it's just me? But we stocked up on it so we won't get to go back to Lush again any time soon :(

This is Phoenix Rising and is the prettiest out of the lot! It's a deep purple colour with gold bars running through the top and gold dusting all over. It's an amazingly scented and beautiful bath bomb and it would be such a shame to watch it fizz away. I absolutely love this smell! To me, it brings back childhood memories from when my sister got a Harry Potter potions making kit for her birthday and made a Pepper-Up Potion, which is a potion that is supposed to cheer you up. This bath bomb smells exactly like that! It smells very cinammony and spicy but it is hard to put my finger on the exact smell. I'm sitting here now with it beside my lap top so my room stinks of it :)

So that completes my first installment of this massive haul. Tomorrow I'll be going over the rest of the Lush stuff. See you then!

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