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Massive Haul and First Impressions Part 3 (Boots, Molton Brown, Tophop and MAC)

Here's Massive Haul part 3! Check out part 1 and part 2 here.

So after Lush, we went to Boots. (Very exciting!) I've always wanted to get a heat protectant spray because most days I use heat on my hair but I've never had the time or I've always forgotten! So we went to Boots (a drugstore) and I was lost... Seriously, that was the biggest Boots I've ever been to and there was so much stuff to choose from! I ended up getting the one that stood out the most and here it is...

It's by a company called Front Row and they've got a whole array of products for quite reasonable prices so if this is any good, I'll go and get more of their stuff!

The next shop we went to was Topshop. We actually went to return a nail polish set but we ended up with some scarves as well as more nail polish!

Indigo Twist Fringe Scarf - Topshop £16.00 £7.00

I got this purple scarf and my sister got the exact same one in cream. It was a really good deal (over 50% off) for a great quality scarf and it's really warm! If you want one, get it quick before stock runs out! They also come in black, bright blue and orange.

I don't know what's wrong with these pictures today :( You'll just have to tilt your head, sorry!

So these are the nail polishes I got from Topshop which were also on sale. It's a purple themed set with the colours (top-bottom) Dark Horse, Big Smoke and Offbeat.

Dark Horse is a very pretty dark purple colour with a small amount of gold shimmer and a bronzy duo chrome. It's really pretty and is the main reason I got this set.

Big Smoke is described on the website as Mink but I would call it a light grey-purple colour. Maybe that's mink? :)

Offbeat is an off-white colour which looks like it has a purple tinge to it but that's probably because it's next to two purpley colours!

I've used Dark Horse and will be doing a review soon!

Next, my mum wanted to buy a candle from Molton Brown so she got this one...

She also got a free sample which was a hand soap.

The candle was called Night Tempest and it smells really good! I'm not sure quite how to explain it but the website says this...

The story: Navigate the night. Tempt the unexpected.
Our night tempest medio candle brings a complex and seductive scent into your home. No lull, just energy. Exotic tides of rugged cedarwood, juicy tangerine and sensual benjoin combine for a skilful blend of zest and intensity.
The way we blend it: Top notes: bergamot, tangerine
Middle notes: cedarwood, patchouli
Base notes: cicstus, benjoin, vanilla

You can definitely smell vanilla and woody smells in it. I'm not sure about the others though! But it is a nice smell :) 

And then the most exciting thing! I went to MAC for the first time! I've been wanting to go for ages but I've never had the chance since we don't live near one. But because I got a gift card for Christmas, I decided to go and buy myself a couple of things. I really wanted an eyeshadow but there's a whole story behind that!

The MAC we went to was in House of Fraser which means it wasn't a proper MAC shop. So I went and stood next to the eyeshadows for a bit looking list. Then 'a bit' turned into 15 minutes and still no one had come to ask me if they could help. (I was having fun by myself with the eyeshadows!) So finally one lady reluctantly came up to me after realising I wasn't going to go away and so I told her that I've never used much makeup besides the basics and if she could suggest any colours. I told her I liked the shimmery neutral ones (yep, that's me with my technical terms) and she went away and got a shadow.


I was so happy when she picked that one because I've wanted to try that one for so long! So she put it on me and I looked in the mirror. My eyes were red. Like I'd been crying for days! It looked awful. So I smiled politely and asked if I could try a colour instead.

Expensive Pink.

I mean, that's barely even a colour! So she tried it on me anyway and the same story. Red eyes. I wasn't a happy bunny. So I asked if I could try some more matte neutrals and she came away with

Swiss Chocolate
Charcoal Brown (I think)

I really liked the colours so I asked if she could maybe show me how to use three of them to make a 'smokey eye'. So she used Expensive Pink on the lid and Swiss Chocolate on the crease. I don't even think she used a third one... :( But I looked at my eyes in the mirror and I really liked the techinique that she used, but maybe not the colours!

After that ordeal, I decided to get one of the brushes she used (the MAC 217) and a paint pot (because I've always wanted to try one and I had already swatched them on my hand).

The 217 brush is a blending brush and can be used on both powder and cream product so I figured I could use it with the paint pot too.

I got the Rubenesque paint pot. I was tempted to go for Indianwood but I thought a more sheer colour would be better since I'm only starting out in the 'eyeshadow world'! :)

This is what it looks like in the pot. It's more of a peachy-gold type colour in the pot but here's what is looks like in a swatch...

With a flash

and without a flash.

I really like the colour because you can use it all over the lid but without it being to bright or bold.

I'm really happy with my purchases (not so much with the customer service at MAC) and I hope you enjoyed my little massive haul!

If you would like to see more of these haul posts, comment below. And if you would like to see a review of any of the products mentioned in this or the other parts, comment as well!

See you soon!

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