Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Exciting Package and Lust Have!

Today, I came home from school to find a package waiting for me! At first, I couldn't for the life of me work out what it was but then I remembered...

I had ordered a package of Model's Own nail polishes! I was so excited when I opened it because I had ordered the Beetlejuice collection (along with the Autumn/Winter collection - yes, I know it's late!). If any of you don't know what the Beetlejuice collection is I will explain it in pictures... It is a set of 5 beautiful duochrome colours that look like this...

This is a petrol spill and one of the colours looks like this!

A duochrome Mini Cooper!

These really are beautiful colours and I'll definitely do an in depth review as soon as exam week is over and I've tried all of them!

If you go to, you can buy the whole Beetlejuice collection (plus a 3 in 1 coat) for £10 off!

so pretty...

And now for the Lust Have...

Snake Strap Cork Heel Sandals - New Look £24.99

Perfect for Spring/Summer!

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