Monday, 2 January 2012

School Work, Bucket List and Lust Haves

I'm really sorry for the completely uninspirational posts I've been doing for the past week or so, I've been really busy what with Christmas, New Year's and AS Level exams in a week! I've been so busy trying to catch up on the past papers I missed doing while I was away in France that I haven't even had time to think about my blog, let alone review anything! But I promise things will get better hopefully this week but definitely after Friday 13th. Yes, I have an exam on Friday 13th. :(

I also thought I would do a quick update on my Bucket List. It's still a work in progress and I promise it will be worth the wait when it's done. I'm still refining details!

But just to keep me in high spirits, I had a quick check on the BooHoo website and found these which I though I would share with you...

Kara Blur Print Tunic Dress - BooHoo £18.00
I thought this was an interesting design, and it seems to be quite a popular print for the new clothes on the BooHoo website so I chose this next dress which I think is much more suited for Spring/Summer. However, the first dress could make an interesting party dress!

Mitsy Tye Dye Bandeau Dress - BooHoo £15.00
Although this is a darker dress, I think bandeau dresses are very suitable for Spring/Summer.

Anise Dimple Effect Box Bag with Chain Strap - BooHoo £15.00
A nude bag is the perfect accessory for all seasons and I think this one fits the bill. It's also fairly inexpensive, which is a bonus! (This bag also comes in Berry which is a beautiful red colour)

Billie High Platform Suedette Heels - BooHoo £30.00
The same can be said for nude pumps! These heels and the nude bag go perfectly together, and with most outfits!

Monica Tartan Skater Dress - BooHoo £20.00
I'm not sure why I even like this dress! It's certainly not my style but something about it caught my eye and I really like it. This tartan dress would be the perfect match for the shoes I mentioned first in this post. However, if I was going to choose a pair of shoes for this dress, I would pick these...

Black Studded Court Shoes - New Look £29.99
I would choose these just because they're more edgy and I like the studded detailing in gold more than the silver studs on the shoes in the link above.

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