Monday, 16 January 2012

Top Trends for Spring 2012 Series: Pastels

Intro: I'm going to be doing a 'Top Trends' series of blog posts of the top trends this Spring. I'll be taking the trend and finding affordable 'trendy' clothes that you can find on the high street. I hope you enjoy this series and don't forget to comment if you like any of the clothes mentioned!


A big trend for this Spring is pastel colours. A lot of shops I have been to recently have had a pastel inspired collection, like Topshop's Spring Equinox. Some of the clothes you will see are from that collection but there'll be items from other shops too...

Pastel coloured knitwear seems to be most popular as well as jeans (or trousers/pants in general), which are all useful for colour blocking.

Tie Dye Doily Tank - Topshop £18.00

Pastel Geo Tunic - Topshop £20.00

Dropped Back Sleeveless Shirt - Topshop £30.00

Light Green Belted Playsuit - River Island £40.00

Crochet Slouchy Jumper - New Look £19.99

Moto High Waist Jamie Jeans - Topshop £40.00 each

Knitted 'O' and 'X' Motif Jumpers - Topshop £36.00 each

Turquoise Pattern Cardigan - River Island £40.00

Coral Skater Dress - River Island £28.00

Lace Bandage Bodycon Dress by Dress Up Topshop - Topshop £65.00

Suedette Peep Toe Heels in Green - New Look £19.99

Peep Toe Wedges - New Look £24.99

If you want to have a look at more pastel inspired clothes and accessories, visit this link. There are masses of colours to choose from!

It would be great if any international readers could comment below suggesting clothes websites that are more available to them. Because, although you can probably find most of the clothes I suggest elsewhere, I know some of the choices I pick aren't available to every country and I don't want to isolate anyone :)

EDIT: I found some lovely pastel-y dresses from River Island after I had posted this! Here they are...

Lace Belted Skater Dresses - River Island £35.00
Light Yellow
Light Orange


  1. I'm excited about the pastel trend. I think pastels look great especially with gray, black or chocolate brown.
    Thanks for following my blog. I'll share pictures of the shirt I'm working on with you later.

    1. I agree with you! Pastels are such an easy trend to work with too.

      Can't wait for some more DIY posts from you :)



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