Saturday, 17 December 2011

How to Pack In Winter

In my last post, I said I would be able to cross off another thing from my Bucket List and today I've been packing for it. I'm going to France on my own (for the first time!) for a week (until Christmas Eve) tomorrow and I've been packing my suitcase so today my post is going to be on How to Pack In Winter.

Some people find it difficult to pack in the colder months because of the massive bulky jumpers you need, and I know what they mean! I had to pack my clothes into two different suitcases before I found this one!

So here's how I pack for winter...

This is everything spread out on my bed

L-R Top Row
Knitted Top with Buckles - Jane Norman
Two T-Shirts - New Look
Scarf - Marks and Spencers
L-R Bottom Row
Burgundy and Teal Vest Tops - New Look
(There's a lacy cardigan underneath the burgundy vest top which is from Topshop)
Thick Cardigan - Primark (Atmosphere)
Shoes - New Look
White Button Down Shirt - Primark

L-R Top Row
Burgundy Jumper - New Look (I recommend this - it's so comfy and is available on the website last time I checked!)
Black and White Jumper Dress - Tammy, BHS
Brown Shaggy Jumper (under shoes) - New Look
Shoes - New Look
L-R Bottom Row
Teal Jumper - Tammy, BHS
Lime Green Gloves - Marks and Spencers
Grey Dress - New Look
Rainbow Jumper - New Look (to see this in full, click here)

L-R Top Row
Rainbow Scarf - knitted by my mum
L-R Middle Row
Black Top - Next (use for layering)
Khaki Jeans - New Look
Blue Jeans - New Look
Purple Hat (with cameo detail on one side) - Marks and Spencers
Sparkly Scarf - New Look
Bag - knitted and 'felted' by my mum
Shorts (under scarf) - New Look
L-R Bottom Row
Purple and Teal Opaque Tights - Marks and Spencers
Shorts - New Look

Here are some close ups of my shoes. I know they're all summery but I didn't get enough use out of them in Summer so I'm going to reuse them this holiday. I'm going to be wearing some brown boots tomorrow so I completely forgot to take a photo of them but if I had any other boots, I would be taking them instead of these summery sandals. I'm also taking my converses but they're all muddy so I didn't want to share them on the internet! :)

These shoes have fabric ties which tie round your ankles. They're really hard to wear though!

A couple more pictures. These are much clearer.

This is my coat, from Next. It's described as 'Berry' on the website, but to me is more of a burgundy. It also comes in Camel and is £60.00.

The fur collar is detachable, but I keep it on because it's really cosy.

Here's the back. When you're wearing it, the back has a few ruffles which means it comes out slightly and enhances your waist :)

And here's the bag once it's been packed to the brim with jumpers! I recommend getting a large bag/suitcase if you are going away for winter, it's very useful!

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