Thursday, 15 December 2011

Irregular Choice and more...

I have a subscription to the Next catalogue which I receive every season. They usually have some fantastic shoes of their own but always have a section left over for other brands. I was flicking through the pages of the most recent catalogue and saw a brand called 'Irregular Choice.' Their shoes looked really interesting so I went on my laptop and found their website. They certainly have some strange shoes! Here are a few of my favourites!

Kurious Oranj £99.00
The heel of these shoes is made of a purple tinted see through material (probably plastic but I'm just guessing), the toe has an interesting pattern on it which looks as though it has been painted with purple metallic paint, and there are little monkey charms hanging off the side. I love that this shoe is so different; it's completely unique.

Poetic Licence Brighton Belle £89.00
This shoe has the same sort of design as the previous one, but using what looks like red metallic paint instead. There are three bows running up the front of the shoe. What I think makes this shoes stand out is the unusual heel shape (and of course the 'painted' on details).

Poetic Licence Charm School £54.99
This is one of my favourites! I love the colour, the felt-looking material, the spots and even the bedazzled bow to glam it up a bit.

Bathoven £89.99
I think this shoe is a really cool idea. I've never seen a shoe that looks like is was knitted before, and I think this would be the perfect winter shoe! (Although I don't know why it has a peep toe... But that's the only design flaw!) I especially love the thick wooden heel and the furry insides. It just looks so comfortable to walk in.

Best of All £115.00
From the comfortable to the massively OTT. This has got to be the strangest shoe I've ever seen! The peacock feathers fit perfectly with my name though :) And I love the little jewelled peacock as well. Definitely original!

Scottie Clutch Bag £45.00
Just thought I throw in a cheeky clutch into the mix. I thought this would go perfectly with my red bow shoes which I mentioned in a post here and here. And I love Scottie dogs :)

And of course, I have to include a pair of more wearable shoes (if you like 6 inch heels, that is!). I adore these shoes. They look so comfy and vintagy! (I'm not very good at describing shoes!) They are from ASOS and are £60.00. They are called ASOS ABLAZE Super High Wedge. And they are Super High!

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