Thursday, 29 December 2011

Review of BaByliss Curling Wand

As promised, today I'm going to do a review on my brand new BaByliss Curling Wand! I was so excited to get this and I had been wanting it for ages before I finally opened it on Christmas day. Obviously, I tried it out straight away so I'll give you my first impressions on it and, after trying it out for a second time today, my overall impression.

But firsly, in case you have no idea what a curling wand is, and I don't blame you if you don't (I had no idea what it was until about a year ago) then here it is in all it's glory...

Basically, it is a conical shape and has no clamp, which allows you to create any number of different types of curls from tight ringlets to flowing waves (although I've only worked out how to do a standard curl so far!).

The box includes a glove which is very useful if you don't like the idea of having your fingers too close to the hot 'barrel'. Personally, I don't use the glove. Partly because I don't need it and the wand it easy enough for me to use on its own, and partly because the 'all size fits all' glove is way too small for my hand! But that is one of my only critisims.

The other disadvantage of the curling wand is that it is extremely difficult to curl the hair on one side of your head (for me anyway). I'm left handed which means it's difficult for me to curl the left side of my head, even with a clamp (but maybe that's just me...). And I suppose you get better with practise because I found that today it was much easier to curl the left side of my head. You sort of have to hold the wand upside down and wrap your hair around it that way, away from your face.

One very useful function of the curling wand are the five temperature settings. It goes from 'power' (whatever that means!?) to 155oC to 200oC and the '+' and '-' buttons are very easy to use. However, having the easy to press buttons on the handle of the wand makes it very easy to turn off the appliance while you are using it. Having said that, the wand does heat up very quickly so, for me, it is not a problem.

What I especially like about the curling wand is it's ability to curl your hair away from your face so easily. I used to have a hard time with my 'fringe' using a curler with a clamp, but now it is so much easier to do! Also, you only have to hold the hair completely on the clamp for a few seconds at most (maybe longer for ringlet curls) and I find that extremely useful if I'm in a rush (which I was today!).

I also like how the curls soften throughout the day. I've had my curls in all day and now they are soft waves, which is an effect I like.

Overall, I'm really pleased with this curling wand and I would recommend it to anyone. Even the price is good; about £25.00, maybe less now that it is time for the sales!  

5 stars!

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