Monday, 12 December 2011

Monday Lust Haves

I'm swapping my days round a bit (rebel!) and doing a Lust Have list on Monday instead of Wednesday this week. Who knows, you might get two this week! It is nearly Christmas!

So I was looking on the River Island website and decided that since I haven't got any 'fairisle' inspired clothes, I might as well go lusting after this lovely jumper dress.

It's £45.00 from River Island and looks so cosy! I can't wait to wear this with some black tights and boots, or 'aztec' inspired leggings, like this pair...

They're £22.00 from River Island, and as you can see, RI loves them (which probably explains why they are sold out right now).

So anyway, this winter I'm loving burgundy, black, cream and navy so I'll probably do a post on those colours soon . So if you want to see a post on that, keep reading my blog (and don't forget to follow me if you like it!).


  1. im looking for the exact same tights . is there any site you can name that will sell the exact same ones?

  2. Hi :) sorry for the late reply! does some great ones that are similar for only £10 and there's a couple of different ones on the Riverisland website that are aztec inspired. There's a few different designs on there that you could have a look at if you would like something similar to aztec prints. There's some almost identical ones in this link: but none that are exactly the same that I can find.
    Hope this helps!! :D and thanks for your comment - I've been neglecting this blog recently! Maybe I'll be 're-inspired' now :)


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